Winter Blues?

27th Jul 2022

Thanks to everyone for our excellent Christmas Sale!  Finally got the decorations put

away and am looking forward to better weather.  We all have our New Years Resolutions.

Diets, exercise, sleep better, etc., etc.  If you need better sleep we have a solution for you.

Everyone has performance wear to exercise, now they have even come out with moisture

wicking sheets which are nice but what about your PJs or nightgown? 

We have had our moisture wicking sleepwear on the market for several years and most that have tried it

have written me or called me and said they now cannot wear anything else!  Many donated

all their old jammies.  Many people have huge temperature fluctuations as they sleep whether 

from hot flashes, medication, or just where they are sleeping.  Our jammies wick moisture

away from the body for your best sleep and with 4 way stretch no more wedgies or mummified

tight wrap around you. Also if you have a trip planned they will fit in a ziploc and can be washed 

anywhere and dry quickly looking good as new.

Try them and I know you will like them! And a Happy Healthy

New Year ahead!