What our customers say about us!

"Wow, after suffering years with insomnia and night sweats, I finally found a product (Goodnighties) which has made a big difference. At first I was hesitant and afraid of wasting my money. I have had the same gown now for years and even after a night of soaking sweat, I still feel more comfortable than any other pajamas I have ever tried.  This fabric works excellently to wick away all that moisture from my night sweats.  I don't get tangled up in it either & it doesn't have straps that sag or pull on me to prevent me from rolling over when pain wakes me up. I just ordered 4 more versions. Can't wait to wear them all!"   

- Cyndi, Southern California

"It's been a pleasure talking with you (Marcia) on the phone. I would like to add my personal comments and compliments to Goodnighties for an incredible product. After reading an article in our local newspaper lauding the attributes of Goodnighties, I decided to find out more, went to your website, and ordered my first Goodnighties long nightgown and a pair of pajamas. I've just placed an order for four more pieces. In the meantime, I've introduced several friends to Goodnighties, who were so impressed with this product, they went online and placed orders, as one friend put it, "for a trainload!"
My nightwear is delightful to wear, neither too warm nor too cool, feels as natural as skin, and washing? Whether by machine or by hand, it looks positively new all the time.
Thank you for the "gift" of breathability and solid comfort."


-Jacqueline Powers, Canada



“I’m in my late 40′s and OMG was my body temperature ’off’ didn’t know what was going on until I found Goodnighties! Now I am sleeping restfully straight through the night without waking up wondering if I’m hot or cold…! Thank you Goodnighties- it’s like a miracle!”

- Lisa N. Boston, MA


“….makes your skin tingle with comfort when I just put them on!” …. “I definitely went to sleep without needing an extra layer and didn’t have to rip it off in the night- comfortable and happy all around! ”

- Dr. Jennifer S. (Pediatrician), Deerfield, IL


“Ok, y’all here’s the deal…if you can’t sleep you need to buy these jammies! They worked for me the first night! I can barely take them off and sometimes I sneak out to do errands in them (with a long coat, of course) … no kidding Goodnighties works!”

- Blanche R. Dallas, TX


“My friend told me about Goodnighties and because I am a cynic about these things I first did my own research. Since I am a busy mom and there are days when I run like a racehorse,  Seriously, I tried the sleepwear and I was really pleased that I had a much more peaceful sleep. I’m not ‘flashing’ yet but I guess you can now say I’m ready when that starts!”

- Katie V. Cleveland, OH


For the first time in 14 years I slept in dry pajamas all night.  I am 33 and take medication. Most nights I would wake after a few hours drenched in sweat. I found your website and ordered pajamas. If the pajamas continue to work as they did last night I will have to say that Goodnighties are a life changer for me.

- Mary Beth


“I was extremely comfortable in the jammies. Also completely dry – no sweating, hot/cold stuff going on at all. The entire night – slept like a regular person, i.e. under one comforter, soundly, deeply – no tossing comforter on/off/ half way/this way/that way as a result of fluctuating body temperature thruout the night. NONE of that business last night. So first night was excellent – will keep you posted!”

- Susan M. Chicago, IL


“The Goodnighties are great… very comfortable and good at temperature regulation.”

- Christine G. Cincinnati, OH


“Oh—–what a night! My nights were regularily interrupted with tossing, turning & waking up for no apparent reason. I had tried everything I could think of with no results………then heard about this magical product (Goodnighties) At first, I was skeptical, but figured I’d give it a try just to see what all the ‘buzz’ was about. Well, I’m happy to say the pj’s worked! I woke up the next morning thinking it was still my same routine- expecting to see 2 am– NOT! To my amazement it was 8 am! I remember thinking the night had passed and I had no recollection of it. Needless to say, this is my desert island and choice never to be without. This is the real deal.".

-Mary K., Hawaii.


"Thank you so much for the greatest sleepwear ever! I don’t even perspire in these. I slept so soundly last night I almost missed work this morning!”