Three Quarter Sleeve Top

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Our Three Quarter Sleeve Top sleeves falls right at your elbows and has side vents which makes this piece extremely comfortable.

Choose this comfy top in a variety of new stylish colors and pair it with any bottom!


Goodnighties are made with new material that has 37.5 Technology! It is a dynamic thermoregulation technology that triggers off of humidity. It helps keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius and helps keep the microclimate next to your skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%. It’s also been proven to increase comfort by removing moisture in the vapor stage, before liquid sweat forms, to delay the onset of sweat.



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    Chronic Fatigue Patients need these!

    Posted by Janet Parker on 7th Jun 2012

    I have had chronic fatigue syndrome for nine years and the need for good, sound sleep is so very important. I have these pajamas in most of the colors and have discarded all my other sleepwear. The minute I put them on I relax. I am neither hot nor cold while wearing them and they never "wrap themselves around you". I have given them as gifts to friends and family in various parts of the world and to a person, they love them. Even my husband, who has problems with feeling hot and sweaty in clothes, loves them. He now has three pairs of the shorts and t shirts. Do yourself a favor and buy them whether you are teenage or great grandparents. They are simply the best!

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    best temperature moderator

    Posted by Martha on 15th Feb 2011

    I was amazed at how my Goodnighties regulated my body temp all night long! I usually start bundled up and then peel off layer by layer throughout the night... not any more. I fell asleep immediately, slept soundly and comfortably and awoke refreshed. Thank you for a perfect night's sleep!

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    A fantastic gift for my mother!

    Posted by Liz on 21st Oct 2010

    My mom has been having chronic pain in her shoulder and difficulty sleeping. Goodnighties were just the answer for her. They have helped with her pain and have made her sleep so much better.

    She likes them so much, I am now inspired to try them too!


  • 5

    Posted by Linda D on 19th Oct 2010

    I love my Goodnighties because even with the dreaded hot flash I never wake up completely and don't need to throw the covers off just to wake up freezing later. I gave a pair to my friend who now needs to set an alarm because she was late to work the first morning!! Sleep is really the best gift you can give to anyone as she said- AWESOME!

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    Most Comfortable Fabric Ever!

    Posted by Hillary Rose on 14th Oct 2010

    I was given my Goodnighties, as my friends know I haven't had a great night's sleep in 12 yrs ("Hello, menapause"). Unfortunately Goodnighties didn't stop the flashes from waking me up, but it did stop the chills that follow - if you've been there, you know what I mean. I usually sleep in just a top, and was only using the top half of my goodnighties. When I couldn't get back to sleep because of a throbbing leg (arthiritis- ugh) I put on the Goodnightie bottoms - and viola - I got back to sleep without an Advil. I'm going to try a nightgown - the fabric feels fantastic!!

  • 5
    Priceless gift

    Posted by Judy on 13th Oct 2010

    Looking for a gift to give to someone who has everything? This amazing sleepwear is the answer to a "priceless gift"! This is the solution to achieve much needed rest at night so we can deal with the crazy busy lives we lead.