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This long pant style has a waist band that is a soft elastic with a stylish notch-vent that accents the bottom edge. 

Choose this long pant in a variety of new stylish colors and pair them with an top!

Goodnighties are made with new material that has 37.5 Technology! It is a dynamic thermoregulation technology that triggers off of humidity. It helps keep your body at the ideal core temperature of 37.5° Celsius and helps keep the microclimate next to your skin at the ideal relative humidity of 37.5%. It’s also been proven to increase comfort by removing moisture in the vapor stage, before liquid sweat forms, to delay the onset of sweat.







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    'A very happy consumer' from Anchorage, Alaska

    Posted by Victoria Clark on 11th Feb 2011

    Thank you for being so attentive and considerate. I love my new pajamas and will be a customer for as long as your company exists.
    I am so impressed that you contacted me before I had a chance to even investigate my order. Thank you again for a wonderful product and excellent customer service. You and your team deserve much success.
    A very happy consumer, Victoria Clark

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    Posted by Jan L. from Skokie, IL on 16th Dec 2010

    My darling aunt , concerned about my sleepless nights - ( I have sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and arthritis) - discovered this fabulous product when she met Sarah at a mutual friend's home,,,,,a few days later pajama pants arrived at my home, and I know it's difficult to believe but the next morning upon awakening, I experienced, a calm rather than tired feeling .....I had gone to bed at 10:30pm and the clock said 6:30am - I SLEPT FOR 8 HOURS (didn't even get up during the night to go to the bathroom!!!!!) - OMG that;s unheard of for me......... well, this was probably coincidental - so gave it a few more tries.....12 days later and I'm a different person....I am finally able to enjoy a day without constant yawning and overwhelming exhaustion!! I also did get the top and have ordered another set; have told all my "sleepy, unenergetic" friends and can't thank you enough for finding these........

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    Gotta love em!!

    Posted by Doc Jennie on 29th Oct 2010

    I have never been satisfied with any bottoms I have worn to sleep, but the minute I put these on I got tingles throughout! These are perfect! Comfortable, cute and allow for a great night sleep. So thrilled with my goodnighties, I bet you will be too!!!

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    My sleep is 100% better after wearing Goodnighties!

    Posted by Cindy Galvin on 23rd Oct 2010

    Thank goodness for dear friends! I have been a poor sleeper for many years since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Along with pain, insomnia, night sweats and migraine headaches, I would awake in the morning feeling like I had been to a slumber party!....I never ever felt fully rested.
    Well, my good friend gave me a pair of jammies to test and I thought, why not?..have nothing to lose. To my great surprise I slept all the way through the very first night I wore them!! Needless to say I was thrilled to feel rested and to thought this just might work!! I was so hoping this wasn't the placebo effect that I did my own experiment. I tried a regular nitegown that I had and went to bed. It was a bad night of sleep and that was 9 months ago! I only sleep in Goodnighties now. In fact I have many sets so when I travel I won't run out. (even though they wash really well!)
    This is the real thing...negative ions ... Whatever, it works for me and you should try them out too!!!

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    Posted by Peggy on 22nd Oct 2010

    I like the mix & match availability of styles, colors, and sizes. The fabric is wonderfully soft. It is not too hot, nor too cold-perfect in all seasons.