Our History- what we're about

Our goal IS (and has always been) to create the most comfortable high-quality sleepwear possible for women. We have stayed focused on this promise and  (from the suggestion of our many customers)  - Goodnighties is now for both men and women!


Goodnighties, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturing company founded in 2008 by Marcia & David Bacon from AL.   David Bacon is an experienced sports apparel manufacturer and he had learned about new smart-fabric technology.  He then brought a sample athletic shirt to Marcia’s attention while she was going thru night sweats and temperature fluctuations thinking it might help her..  !   . Marcia then became the 'Mother-of-invention'!  

It then occurred to Marcia (and David too) that the benefits of this  fabric could be applied to women's sleepwear, but they knew a special fabric would need to be custom-created for this use.  Athleticwear was just too heavy for woman's pajamas!   Marcia knew without a lot of research that the fabric would need to be breathable and soft-- something that women would love to sleep in!  She then worked tirelessly to develop the cozy, comfortable soft 4-way stretch fabric that would be perfect for a sleepwear garment!  This custom fabric had superior moisture-wicking properties and is anti-microbial.  After finding the perfect texture- Marcia then developed the styles and great colors that have become today's Goodnighties sleepwear!  

Goodnighties is 100% MADE IN THE USA (another reason you'll sleep better!)  and the quality is exceptional.  Goodnighties moisture-wicks to help regulate body temperature from menopause or illness and the best part...it's anti-microbial so it's not necessary to wash as often as other moisture-wicking nightwear garments!  Perfect for travel too!

Note: Our company is proud to donate to women fighting disease, hurricane relief as well as domestic violence victims. We thank you for your support!! Check out our blog for sales